Tucker La Prade

Tucker is one nutty guy as you can see by these pictures. Tucker has a girl named Lauren, and I will add a few pictuers of her in her(even though I might not live very long after doing so).

  1. Tucker At the fling. He and Josh Dyed their hair. Tucker is in the red hair.
  2. This Picture looks as if he is sweating red die all over himself.
  3. Tucker in his big grin and blue bowtie :-D
  4. Tucker is snapped while washing the red die out.
  5. This gives you a better look at Tucker's red hair. He is reading.
  6. I still cannot figure out what is going on here, but it makes a good picture
  7. Tucker is reading again.
  8. Tucker standing, I'll have to ask him what he is doing.
  9. Tucker and Lauren
  10. Lauren Tucker and Eleanor(hidden)
  11. Lauren on Times Square.
  12. Lauren on Times Square again
  13. Tucker

If you have any problems with these pictures email me.